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EBERHART: The dining table where no one is left in the corner

Updated: Jan 20

Designed to be the center of great dinner gatherings, important meetings at the workplace, or even small refreshment meals during the day, the Hector round dining table from Danish Eberhart Furniture is the perfect choice for a dynamic space with its elegant expression and form.

The table is easily extendable with the extra leaves, and the round shape ensures inclusion and an equal placement for everyone around the table. The Hector with mounted extra leaves represents a visual interpretation of Eberharts design-DNA: simplicity, cleverness, the sculptural essence, and raw materials.

The Hector does of course come in different configurations with a choice of concrete or wooden top and in a variety of diameters. And with the option to easily put on leaves for the extra temporary tablespace. If a side table or coffee table is desired, then it is of course also available. So there is a table for any situation!


Despite being a young company, we see Eberhart Furniture in several cool restaurants and bars in Denmark. Will you be the next happy customer?

Contact us if you want more details.

And now a little extra, just for fun:


(Where did HE come from?)

Eberhart is the name of a fictional ancestor created by Esben and Rune, founders of Eberhart Furniture. Besides being a multi scientist, superb craftsman, and protector of nature, Eberhart is the count of a beautiful realm build upon strong and solid materials. The Count origins from the North and finds great pride in quality, simplicity, and reliability. Only natural materials are permitted in his realm and the use of laminates or plastic parts can lead to eternal banning. Whenever in doubt, Rune and Esben ask Count Eberhart to stick out the right direction. He hasn’t failed them yet.

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