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The Cambrian - a Swiss mountain hotel worth visiting

Updated: May 30, 2023

A special report from a visit to one of our hotel clients: The Cambrian in Adelboden, Switzerland is a magnificent design hotel with extraordinary service-minded staff, top-notch food, and placed in a valley with snow-capped mountains. The building is one of the original mountain holiday residences and has undergone extensive renovations in recent years.

The mountains are blessing the visitor with fantastic ski terrains, and all sorts of outdoor adventures. In the summertime, there are endless opportunities for an active holiday - and Adelboden is elevated in high altitude and wonderfully cool in the summer when the rest of southern Europe is sweating.

One thing that clears the table is the totally mesmerizing view from the living room-style common areas and from the outdoor pool and patio.

We took photos of the landscape both day and night (at full moon) as we just could not get enough. The view changes constantly, so it is easy to just stare out the windows for hours. And this is recommended by doctors!

You can also float-and-stare in the thermal (sustainably) heated outdoor infinity pool.

This view will forever be printed in our memory and makes us want to come back for more.

We are happy to also report, that the hotel has Danish design in various forms across the property.

The rooms are equipped with the TR37 floor lamp from Tom Rossau in Copenhagen. The lampshade is made of off-white handmade lamellas mounted in a back geometrical steel frame and casts a cozy light in the room. As usual with Tom Rossau, the lamp has a sculptural effect and adds to the exclusive feeling of the décor in the rooms.

The Danish design brand Hay has delivered all the outdoor furniture, and LindDNA from Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark) has been chosen for a range of table mats, coasters, and other food and beverage items with reused leather surfaces.

We love this hotel and are looking for excuses to come back!


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