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Misty Woodland


The company is committed to providing sustainable and beautiful Scandinavian furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies (OS&E) to design hotels worldwide.

We operate in all regions of the globe as distributors for reputable brands from the Nordics.

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Founded by an urge to act

The Danish sales and marketing professional Ole Bergstein founded Design Merchants in Denmark in 2019 with a vision to create a company that helps hotels build upon the environmental sustainability movement that rolls across the globe.

´The company works in a green way without going to extremes and with sensible business principles of customer profitability and satisfaction being still in focus. 

Ole was very much inspired by the young Swedish schoolgirl Gretha Tunberg, who striked every Friday in front of the Swedish parliament to create awareness of the urgency of beginning to act more sustainably. And Ole was shocked to learn that scientists were surprised by the speed at which the ice caps melted in the polar regions. 

Therefore he began studying how to act responsibly as a human being, as a family, and as a business. In this study, he learned that it is very difficult to find the right way in the jungle of green initiatives, as science constantly reveals new facts and studies.


A logical conclusion was to make a living by helping to minimize or eliminate the threats to the globe. And work on the basic principle that if everybody does a little for the environment, then it collectively will have a massive impact on the well-being of our globe.


This is our why.

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The company is committed to providing sustainable and beautiful Danish furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies (OS&E) to design hotels worldwide. We cooperate with design-led manufacturers from Denmark who excels in the fields of furniture, case goods, lighting, rugs, art, accessories and more. We operate in the US, Europe, and Asia. We can basically supply hotels, restaurants, bars, and café´s on any continent. We do this in collaboration with architects, interior decorators, hotel management companies, property owners and sourcing agents.

Misty Woodland


We strive to make our customers and suppliers equally proud of cooperating with us and to create a sense of love for the sustainable design solutions that we work on.

We come from Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, and we have a long tradition of simple design aesthetics based on craftsmanship and passion.

See us as a friendly partner that can solve many issues related to sourcing sustainable and long-lasting design products for guest rooms and public areas of modern hospitality venues.

We have made a page dedicated to our home town. Check in once in a while if you like the capital of cool.

Misty Woodland


See below examples of products we supply to hospitality. See more on our brand and product pages.


Design Merchants ApS

Gurrevej 520

DK-3080 Tikob

Copenhagen, Denmark

Company VAT/Reg#: DK40618597


+45 28356565

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