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Kimpton Hotel Everly - a Hollywood Boulevard haven for design-conscious travelers

Recently we stayed for a few nights at the Kimpton Hotel Everly, which is located on a quiet side street, a few steps from Hollywood Boulevard and with the most amazing view of the Hollywood sign.

When entering the hotel in a car, a first-time European traveler to the US would probably be surprised to learn, that friendly people want to take your car (from you) and bring it to a safe spot. This is called "valet" parking and is the norm at higher-end hotels. Do not worry, you can call your car at any time, and it is actually quite a luxury!

High-end Everly is.

The staff is super friendly, attentive and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

The lobby and communal areas are big, with a high ceiling, bar, pool tables, and comfy chairs. The hotel is part of the Kimpton campaign "Kimpton Plant Pals", where you can get a friendly plant into your room, and get acquainted with it. Therefore the lobby was full of plants waiting to network with new friends. We like that idea!

The rooms are quite big, and Design Merchants was lucky to get a room with a view of

the Hollywood sign. The hotel is overlooking the Hollywood Freeway, and because of the extremely effective soundproofing, it was actually a quite cool view and made the stay more "The American Way".

There is an outdoor heated pool, where you can enjoy the view of downtown LA, sip cocktails, and ponder on your next adventure.

The hotel has been in operation for around 5 years, and Design Merchants is fortunate to be partnering with the management on upcoming upgrades of the property. We will keep you posted on the developments.


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