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Art for the masses

Stunningly beautiful sculptures handcrafted of rich metals including copper, bronze, brass, steel and aluminum.

Curtis Jeré is an acronym for Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler, who's shared passion for creative development and design became apparent soon after they met in the 1940s. Freiler, a German immigrant and manufacturing ace with a knack for reinventing the use of tools, and Fels, a New York-based artist, quickly became friends and, soon after, began taking their first steps to secure a successful business future together. They quickly became known for their collection of eclectic, decorative wall décor. More than 70 years later, the company is largely popular amongst vintage art dealers and collectors, and has caught the attention of leading designers, like Michael Payne and Jonathan Adler, and offers its discerning clients an ever-evolving roster of more than 350 pieces.


Our reasons for working with Curtis Jeré



Contemporary hotels gets what they want

Each piece is hand finished with intriguing surface treatments, paints, and patinas. For example, pieces may incorporate ground steel, brushed stainless steel, flame-treated copper, or hammered brass -- or combine two or more metals like painted brass and steel with flame treated copper.


Move them around the property

Due to the abstract nature of most C. Jeré pieces, many can be hung upside down or at an angle, as well as used in multiples for a larger configuration or to create a bolder statement.



Surprising price points makes it a good investment

The mere size of most of these art pieces, and the amazing details would indicate a hefty price point, but most of our clients are getting a very positive surprise when they log in and se their contract price.

Get in Touch

Design Merchants is a proud sales partner for the above brand with all relevant insurances in place. We will be happy to help you with any hospitality-related inquiries.

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