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SONORO: Cool designer audio for guest rooms

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The RELAX from Sonoro is a loudspeaker, clock radio and wellness center in one beautiful hotel friendly box.

To help you reduce stress and relax, the RELAX radio - loudspeaker - clock radio offers you pre-installed wellness and meditation exercises produced in cooperation with renowned relaxation experts. These can be loaded at the push of a button and are also easy to follow for wellness newbies. Each programme offers you a wide range of options for increasing your general wellbeing.

This device is now upgraded with a special hotel firmware that has the following optional advantages controlled by staff:

- Startup volume

- Max volume

- Automatically reset alarm clock every day

- Display brightness in bright and dark ambient light

- Deactivate the equalizer function

- Fix the language

- Deactivate multi-room function

All this can be done in administrator mode by typing a password, which will only be available for hotel clients.

The RELAX is a compact Internet radio with WiFi, Spotify Connect, FM/DAB+ radio & Bluetooth(R) in a hand-crafted wooden unit with piano finish. Experience pleasant and balanced 360° sound quality throughout the whole room thanks to the top-facing loudspeaker. The automatically dimmable display, dual alarm functions, sleep timer and numerous further features make the RELAX a perfect music system for your bedroom. The USB port at the front ensures that your mobile phone is freshly charged in the morning. And thanks to its compact dimensions, the RELAX is perfectly suited to the bedside table in the hotel room.

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