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BAG-UP Stool elevates the customer experience

A brilliant design piece created to avoid putting your customers' precious bags on the floor.

BAG-UP Stool is designed by Lind DNA to offer your guests a place to put their bag while dining in their favorite restaurant. Why not offer the clutch or bag of your guests a special place at the table? Could you imagine the excitement when a waiter jumps in to give your handbag a special seat?

BAG-UP Stool is designed and produced in Denmark. It is made from aluminum, which has been beautifully coated with recycled leather. A stylish combination of high-quality materials translated into a timeless, functional small interior item. It combines the idea of aesthetic functionality and Danish craftsmanship with sustainability as a key element.

Nordic trends and clean lines have given inspiration to this new small furniture, which still has a multicultural touch. The piece is creative and yet classic and it appeals to international customers. It is warmly received when offered to your guests in the restaurant.

BAG-UP Stool is stackable and therefore does not take up much space. There is a wide choice of leather finishes and colors available, so it can fit right into any restaurant environment.

The BAG-UP Stool from Lind DNA is distributed to hospitality by Copenhagen Design Merchants. Please contact us for more details.


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