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An evening in Delaware Water Gap

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

An evening in Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area in Pennsylvania, USA, May 2018. I was at a business meeting in Harrisburg, and as usual when traveling on business I tried to take a detour of interest. There was a fantastic smell of pollen in the forest and birds singing songs that I have never heard before. And the animals gave me the mazing gift of showing themselves to me :-)

The Delaware Water Gap is a water gap on the border of the U.S. states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania where the Delaware River cuts through a large ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. A water gap is a geological feature where a river cuts through a mountain ridge.

Photos and video by Ole Bergstein, with Karl's Canon EOS SLR camera (thank you for lending it to me, son)

Turn on the sound on your computer when you see below video. It is the sounds that are amazing.

I do not now the species, but it sure is beautiful.

Turkey checking out the intruder

Deer licking salt from the road

Do you see the duck?


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