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Expensive handbags gets a royal treat

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Restaurants with an intense focus on the customer experience choose a smart solution to make sure their guest's fancy handbags and clutches do not get dirty on the floor and are easily accessible during dinner. PS: Who does not want to sneak peek at the phone once in a while?

The nimble BagUp stool that we offer to restaurants on several continents elevates the handbags and clutches from the floor and provides a safe haven for the sometimes hefty investment ladies are making in their personal carry items. The stool is made of metal, covered in re-used environmentally friendly leather, is easy to stack and a handle opening makes moving it around the venue a breeze.

One of our BagUp stool customers is the beautiful Fera restaurant in the vibrant city of Palma, the main city on Mallorca, the biggest island in the Balearic island group (part of Spain). Fera’s Borderless Mediterranean-Asian Cuisine is inspired by Executive Chef, Simon Petutschnig’s love for Japanese flavors along with the rich source of seasonal ingredients found in Spain. Fera is an interactive journey of Simon’s culinary evolution where texture, flavor, and ingredients are paramount.

The owners had reached out to us because they had fallen in love with the BagUp stool, and they ordered a bunch for a.s.a.p. delivery.

The restaurant and its guests are very happy with the solution. And we had a chance to snap some photos. (See below)

Check out the restaurant Fera here.

And contact us to book the stools for your restaurant.


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