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The Merchants partners with Cozy Living

Copenhagen Design Merchants has become an official supplier of Cozy Living lifestyle item.

Cozy Living has an amazing collection of lamps, cushions, furniture and decoration items in typical Nordic and natural dusty colors.  Their collection of wall hooks is phenomenal. Their marble lamps with color matching marble platters, and likewise matching boxes to hide the remote control is mesmerising.

You can see Cozy's brand page with us here and download the full catalog here.

Cozy Living is has begun the sustainability journey and are for instance implementing fast growing mango wood, which has been used for mango fruit harvest. When the tree becomes too big for fruit harvesting, it is then used for furniture production.

With a very small investment, a hotel room can be refreshed with new and welcoming colors on lamps, pillows, side tables and more. The use of natural materials underlines the close contact with nature and provides a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Designs from Cozy Living have proven successful with hospitality projects where the focus has been on affordable, high-quality design objects for modern hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

We, the Merchants, think they have some amazing stuff, and we are sure you will like it to. Let us know if you need more info.


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