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Botanical spaces in restaurants and guest rooms

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When designing a modern restaurant, one might consider the new trends in gastronomy where plant based and all-natural dishes are booming. Guests are also into supporting short distance from field to table, and generally - all things sustainable is popular in Denmark. Designer Pernille Folcarelli from the beautiful natural countryside in Denmark has got your back (wall) covered.

The Danish artist Pernille Folcarelli (yes, she is married to an Italian) is studying the nature around her, collecting plants and works with handmade graphic imprints of the botany. This is how her designs originate. Using the imprints, she develops collections that add an authentic, harmonious and artistic touch to contemporary homes and spaces.

Her new 2019 fall collection is here and the Merchants thinks these designs are perfect decoration for modern restaurants and guest rooms in hotels.

We are delighted to introduce you to some of the themes that Pernille has developed.

From the ocean

Algae and seaweed and their ornamental appearance fascinate Pernille Folcarelli. The plants do not have roots but grow on rocks under the sea. Throughout the ages, these plants has served various purposes - as food, for one - given its ideal composition of nutrients. Seaweed, which is also known as the vegetable of the sea, is an extremely healthy and popular ingredient in modern gastronomy.

Fresh from the garden

”Herbs” is a series of prints using edible herbs found in nature as well as herbs that you can grow in your own garden. The prints have been created as posters, to recreate the feel of botanical schoolbooks and old educational posters. Perfect for adding a botanical touch to any kitchen or living room.

Graphic abstractions

Take a closer look at botany, and you will discover an endless variation of patterns and structures - abstract artworks shaped by nature. As a designer, Pernille’s aim is to share the simple beauty of nature and the joy of handmade craft and design created with experimental as well as rediscovered printing techniques.

Earthy tones

If the food is not front and center in the design, then a color palette inspired by nature´s earthy colors is available: Warm browns, khaki, camel, sienna, umber, soft greys and faded reds. When blended together they form a harmonious, natural and welcoming interior.

Read more about Pernille Folcarelli on her own page on this website.

When restaurant guest are comfortable and feel welcomed to your establishment, you’ll sell more and make more profits.


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