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The Merchants: Beautifully sustainable

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Copenhagen Design Merchants is on a mission to provide sustainable and financially viable design products to hotels, restaurants and other hospitality companies, to create beautiful and exciting hotel rooms, lobby areas, meeting rooms, restaurant and more.

The world is under pressure by pollution, rising energy consumption and global warming. To name just a few issues... Fortunately, more and more people (and countries) begin to react to these threats and take action, instead of just talking about it.

We take action too.

We will help our clients going green, with long-lasting and timeless furniture, lighting, audio equipment and accessories made by skilled craftsmen, with raw materials that are certified eco-friendly. We collaborate with furniture brands that support the circular economy with a reduction in material consumption through upgrading and recycling.

Also, Copenhagen Design Merchants ensure that all transport is made with the least CO2 emission possible and we offset the carbon footprint from all transports and employee airline flights with CO2 donations to organizations that will help the environment, protect and plant forests, fight global warming, and help make the transition to a clean energy future possible. Our CO2 offset projects are third-party certified to the highest standards.

We support the use of electrical bicycles (from the Danish company MATE) and trains for all commutes between home and office.

Our company car - the MATE electric bike

Our office facilities are chosen with the lowest carbon footprint possible and we even encourage and adviceall staff to work on reducing the carbon footprint in their homes. 

With all this said, we are ordinary people and we are not extreme.

We just believe that if everybody does just a little to help the environment, then it will have a massive positive impact on our environment.


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