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MONTANA: 1000 chairs in only 14 square meters

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

If you are responsible for conference facilities and have an eye for efficiency, saving labor time and long lasting investments, then check this.

Danish designer Erik Magnussen hacked the stacking chair in 1996 when he minimized the stacking height, making Chairik the ultimate stacking chair. With this extraordinary stacking performance (up to 45 chairs on a trolley) Chairik is a real space saver. Made for audiences that come and go and with the stacking performance, you can store up to 1000 Chairik chairs in just 14 square meters. The clean and minimalistic look even creates a sculptural expression while stacked.

Stacks up to 45 chairs on each trolley

With extraordinary stacking performance, up to 45 chairs on each trolley, CHAIRIK is a real space saver. CHAIRIK is made for audiences that come and go and with the stacking performance, you can store up to 1000 CHAIRIK chairs in just 14 m2. No chairs on the market stacks better.

Unique magnetic upholstery

With the removable on/off seat upholstery, you can easily change the look of the Chairik. With pre-mounted magnets, you achieve ultimate flexibility to change the look and feel of the chair. The removable seat upholstery is easy to clean and change if needed.

Easy to line up

With 2 different linking devices, the chairs can effortlessly be lined up in a straight row. Choose between a fixed or removable linking device. Add Engelbrects numbering system for easy navigation on the rows.

21 layers of veneer securing extreme durability

Inspired by a tray in bent wood and melamine, Erik Magnussen designed the now-iconic melamine version during his lunch break at the factory in Sweden. Magnussen chose this as the ultimate material for an especially hardwearing Chairik, and the first-ever chair in melamine was born. The melamine version is six times more durable than a standard lacquered version and is easy to clean.

Company logo or color on the chair

The techniques for the melamine chairs make it easy to customize the chair with your own logo, graphic design or company color.

We especially like the Chairik line made for Carlsberg as seen in the above picture.

Chairik is the best chair for conference areas

  • 10 years warranty

  • Super stacker (1000 chairs in 14m2)

  • 21 layers of veneer and glue paper

  • On/off magnetic seat upholstery

  • 26 standard models and endless configurations

  • Individual customization to meet your special requests

  • Easy to line up in conference settings

  • Extremely durable

  • No pressure on the spine = extreme seating comfort

  • Highest level of fireproof certificates.

Beautiful venues have chosen Chairik

One picture is worth more than thousand words. What about many pictures then?

10 year warranty

Engelbrechts is a Danish company creating beautiful, sculptural and functional furniture, specially dedicated to the subject of seating. They are the leading Nordic supplier of conference furniture with more than 20 years of experience and offer a variety of solutions to match your needs. Due to the extreme durability (and thereby sustainability) they offer 10 years warranty on their products. Engelbrechts has teamed up with Copenhagen Design Merchants on supply to hotels in all regions of the globe.

Contact the Merchants for more details.


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