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Iconic refurbished industrial lamps

Industrial Interior CPH is the story of two brothers with a passion for industrial design and sustainability. Their mission is to provide access to high quality re-used, re-cycled and re-stored interior. The result is an amazing catalog of lamps salvaged from industrial and naval environments, refurbished into mint condition and given a new life in restaurants, lobbies, and guest rooms.


Their idea is just so cool!



Statement piece in restaurant or lobby

Are you looking for something special to decorate a restaurant or other public space? Then there is a good chance you will succeed in browsing these lamps. See our favorites below.


Bringing a second life to old industrial items

The lamps are given a lot of tenderness and care in the restoration process when they arrive in Denmark and are being restored to all European electrical standards. Each of them has obtained a unique character that brings just the right level of industrial feel to a modern space.



Sustainable reuse of discarded lamps

The brothers seek to create awareness on sustainability amongst their customers and push for best practices along their value chain.
They achieve the mission through knowledge sharing and allocating 5% of their annual profit to aid small companies in becoming greener and more sustainable.

hvid Mist


Iconic lighting made of reclaimed maritime lamps. It can spice up the decoration in modern restaurants and lobby areas.


The BLUNT is a refined and classic old East European factory lamp guaranteed to give an edge to the public areas or guest rooms space. It was formerly used to light up large factories and workshops.
The lamp has been refurbished for modern use and fitted with a polished steel chain or steel wire and a new cable.



The MATHSON was produced by the Polish manufactory PREDOM MESKO (former National Factory of the Ammunition) between 1960 – 1980. Lamps of that size were commonly used in large factories.
MATHSON is a great choice for your kitchen, restaurant or bar. It is fitted with a black textile-coated cable and a new polished steel chain. The distribution box is original. Light bulb is not included.



The TOPAS is an old European factory pendant. It has a classy shape and is a great choice to contrast modern kitchens and retail environments.
The lamp has been restored, painted and refurbished for modern use, and fitted with a polished steel chain or steel wire and a new cable.



Little BULB installed in a penthouse in the famous V-House co-designed by Julien de Smedt & Bjarke Ingels. This impressive lamp has the name Little BULB after Gyro Gearloose’s helper. It’s vintage, explosion-proof and formerly used on large oceangoing ships. It has been polished and all electrical parts have been changed. It bears cast makers marks and has a 25 mm thick glass dome. Little BULB is a great choice for your home, restaurant or bar giving it the air of a retro science fiction 12 Monkeys style. It can be used both as floor lamp and as a pendant.



Retro style science fiction ambiance to the work-from-home lobby, contemporary restaurant or retail environments.
This superb quality tube light was manufactured in the 1970’s. It is a double tube heavy-duty lighting fixture made of cast aluminum formerly used as explosion proof lights on gas carriers and chemical container ships.



We can fix you up with very special lamps, for instance signal lamps or floodlights previously used in naval operations. They are fully refurbished to CE standards.

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