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Young Danish travellers wants more sustainability and less party

According to a new survey initiated by a Danish travel agency the young Danes are expecting to use less plastic and relax more, rather than partying all night long, when looking for the next holiday destination.

Searching for the sustainable holiday

The respondents to the survey were between 18-35 years old and 87% responded that the holiday was for restitution after busy work life. Another trend is that sunbathing is no longer the preferred way to relax. It is more desirable to find local attractions and indulge in good food.

4 out of 10 actively checks for sustainability when they choose a travel partner and destination. The choice of hotel is important, and the food is preferably locally sourced and with vegetarian alternatives.

The survey shows that 9 of 10 thinks that it is a shared responsibility between the traveller and the travel company to make the holiday sustainable.


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