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More sustainable commuting in Copenhagen

The newly opened Cityring metro line in Copenhagen is designed so each of the 17 stations is looking individual, making it easier to identify them when arriving in train and more pleasing to the eye.

Copenhagen Central Station
Copenhagen Central Station (Photo: Ditte Valente © Metroselskabet)

The new ring-shaped line connects the city center with the neighboring quarters Oesterbro, Noerrebro, Vesterbro and Frederiksberg and makes it even easier to move around in the city without a car. Each station is designed with individual coloring, and the stations that have connections with other lines are all with a red color tone.

Frederiksberg Station in the neighborhood signature green (Photo: Ditte Valente © Metroselskabet)

All stations are underground, and the architects have managed to have daylight flooding down on the platforms. The stations are designed to mirror the area, in which it is placed, both in coloring and style, but it is the same design team that designed all stations and the style is very strict.

Just as we like it in Denmark.

And the new line is making it much easier for residents and visitors to roam around in Copenhagen, to the benefit of the citizens, tourism and environment.

Just as we like it in Denmark :-)

PS: Read more about this architectural gem on Danish Architecture Centers website.


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