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Design products with earth friendly approach for hospitality

The Bag-Up stool is elevating the customer experience

Restaurants with an intense focus on customer service choose our smart solution to make sure their guest's fancy handbags do not get dirty on the floor and are easily accessible during dinner.

Can we help you?

We are committed to providing sustainable and beautiful Danish furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies (OS&E) to design hotels worldwide.


Music is the key to the heart

We can advice you on audio technology for hotel rooms and public areas. We currently have 8 audio brands in our portfolio.

A few reasons for audio in the rooms:

  • Guests brings own music on smartphone

  • They can play their favourite music

  • Listen to local and international news

  • Alarm clock is mandatory for some hotels

  • Devices can be sold in reception

A popular amenity now available in brass

We absolutely love Sjöstrand’s capsule coffee machines and their totally sustainable coffee capsule concept. The machines have a classic timeless design with a nod to the original Italian espresso machines. It is Nespresso-capsule compatible and has 19 bar pressure.  The quality of their products is in line with their sustainability ethics and the machine is carefully developed for long service life and to blend in with most environments.

A few reasons for reading more:

  • The only coffee capsule machine that can be repaired

  • A longer lifetime means lower amortized investment

  • Availability of coffee capsules that are compostable and CO2 compensated

Check our brands

We are proud to cooperate with a wide range of Scandinavian design brands who trust us to help them in the hospitality sector.

Business Meeting


We help you find the right FF&E and OS&E solutions among a wide range of brands from the Nordic countries



We distribute FF&E and OS&E worldwide

Adorable Chick

It is known for being simple and very aesthetic. Craftsmanship and durability. This is Nordic design.


The sustainability wave is one of the most powerful in many years. And we love to help it grow even more, in a business sensible way.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 11.22.40.png

The hospitality sector is booming and there are many opportunities for discerning hoteliers and their partners. We love this world and all the aspects of doing business in it.



Who are we? And why are we?

"Design Merchants is the direct line to Danish design"

Nils Knudsen - Chairman of the Danish Furniture Association



Get in touch today for additional info on the latest designs for hospitality. You can write to us in English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. If you write in other languages, we will use google translate :-)

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