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NORR11: Standing out in the crowd

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

This is the story of how Danish furniture brand Norr11 helped a cool denim brand position themselves as the masters of detail.

The Dutch jeans brand Denham was founded in 2008 in Amsterdam and was quickly recognized for its passion for innovation while honoring tradition. Inspired by the tagline ‘The Truth is in the Details,’ DENHAM obsesses over every detail of the design process and across every brand touchpoint.

Shortly after their inception they quickly developed a retail strategy that involved opening own flagship stores, and with an intense approach as to how the wares are presented in stores. The brand has an indigo blue color line, which is visualized in many ways throughout their universe.

Recently Denham commissioned Danish contemporary furniture brand Norr11 to develop a line of furniture that could be utilized in showrooms, stores, and in-store brand sections. They wanted standout furniture pieces, that invited to stay and chill in the Denham space, and with a significant quality feel about it.

Norr11 was the right partner for this, and they made a special indigo blue leather upholstering with top-quality leather from Sorensen Leather, probably the most famous Danish supplier of leather to the furniture industry.

The result is a timeless design with stamina that will last for a very long time. Sustainable principles put in effect.

The following images are dedicated to illustrating the splendid result and how the furniture is put un use in the Denham universe.

If you have projects where a special color or fabric is needed, then please contact Copenhagen Design Merchants with your specifications. You can also ask for the PDF with the full presentation of this project.


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