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Statement coffee machine for capsules

We are once again proud to announce a new brand in our portfolio.

Sjöstrand’s stainless steel coffee espresso machines and their totally sustainable coffee capsule concept has taken our hearts. We have enjoyed it for a while now and we think it is a great asset for contemporary hotels, adding wow factor to hotel rooms and lobbies.

The Sjostrand machines has a classic timeless design with a nod to the original Italian espresso machines. The quality of their products is in line with their sustainability ethics and carefully developed for long service life and to blend in with most environments.

Sjöstrand’s motto is sustainability, function, and taste. Their products are simple to use – one touch of a button and your guests can enjoy an espresso just the way they like it.

The machines are intuitive to use by new guests, easy to clean by staff, works with the automatic power off system in hotel rooms and are fully safety certified.

The Espresso Machine has a high-pressure pump at 19 bar which, together with hot water at the right temperature, will ensure that all flavors and aromas of the coffee emerge in a perfect balance. The analog feeling is underlined by the airplane type on/off button, and the capsule lever on the side, that gives you an old-school, yet modern vibe.


When you think about coffee capsules, you might wonder "They are not good for the environment, with plastic, aluminum and all?"

The answer is that Sjostrand coffee capsules are not containing plastic or aluminum, but made of starch and plant-based material such as sugar cane. The capsules are compostable, the coffee is Fairtrade sourced and organic and compatible with the Nespresso system and of course Sjostrands own beautiful Espresso Capsule Machine. On top of that Sjöstrand donate money to carbon offset more CO2 than what´s emitted during the entire process from bean to cup. Hence you can drink you coffee with a clean conscience. What's not to like?

There are 4 variants of coffee; 2 espresso, 1 lungo and 1 decaf. We have all coffee types available for hospitality in both 10 piece boxes and 100 pieces dispenser type boxes.


If you are in the hospitality industry, you can order your test sample of the Espresso Machine here. We will add some free sample of climate positive capsule to the shipment.

We are looking forward to discuss your coffee needs in detail! :-)


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