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SJOSTRAND: Coffee machine puts pressure on competitors

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We are happy to share new details about the Espresso Machine from Sjostrand, which makes it the natural choice for eco-conscious hoteliers across the globe that wants to add a coffee machine to the hotel room.

(If you do not know about this conscious coffee concept at all, then get more info in this previous news post or our Sjostrand brand page here)


Aiming to become an impact unicorn, Sjostrand is the only coffee capsule machine brand with machines that can actually be repaired! The device is constructed so that it is possible to dismantle it and replace components that are either warranty defective or simply worn out. So the Espresso Machine will be fresh and productive for many years, in contrast to its competitors. Should a hotel want to phase out the machines, then they can even be sold with profit. Not a bad thought, we think.

Sjostands thereby taps further into the sustainability space, as the lifetime (and reusability) of the machines can be considerably longer than what you expect.


Sjostrand has developed a small display stand with cutout placeholders for 4 to 6 coffee capsules and a text describing the taste, intensity, and sustainability factors. It is designed so cleverly that if you choose only to have 1 or 2 taste variants, then the other capsule slots are hidden.

The stand is made of eco-friendly and sturdy cardboard and samples can be requested by your favorite Copenhagen Design Merchants representative.


- The Espresso Machine brews with 19 bar pressure, which coffeelovers knows is important to ensure that all flavours and aromas of the coffee emerge in a perfect balance.

- The machine is made of durable and beautiful mirror finish stainless steel.

- The coffee capsules are Nespresso Original compatible.

- All capsules are climate positive, industrial compostable, made of sugar cane fibres, Fairtrade and 100% organic.

- Hotels worldwide can negotiate attractive coffee deliveries with Copenhagen Design Merchants.

- Copenhagen Design Merchants is a preffered supplier to Marriott International in EMEAA, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) in EMEA, and a year long supplier to design hotels in many continents.

Do you like what you see? Reach out to us here or to your normal contact with us if you have some ideas.


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