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FERM LIVING: The Pond mirror

Meet a mirror that is a sculpture in itself, and that will charm the onlooker in the hotel room. Ferm Livings's Pond line is curved and inviting, creating a break from the conformity of standard square mirrors.

The Pond series marries form and beauty by using organic shapes, inviting open and fluid forms into the hotel rooms, and turning this functional mirror into a decorative wall piece. The curved edges are held by a slim, brass frame, and can be hung in any direction so that you can find the perfect fit for your space.

There are currently 3 versions of the Pond mirror, so there are plenty of options to create a unique look.

Ferm Living is founded in Copenhagen, a design firm based on a passion for authentic design, and with responsibility at the heart of every choice they make. They create honest products and calm environments perfect for design-led hotels and restaurants. Design Merchants is a proud sales partner for Ferm.

Ferm Living has multiple product collections suitable for hospitality:


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