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SKANDINAVISK: Scents to calm and enjoy

Leave a lighter footprint with hospitality-friendly and natural/organic fragrances and amenities.

Villa Copenhagen, one of Copenhagen's newest design hotels was the first to introduce SKANDINAVISK scented soaps in their room, and more hotels have followed since, charmed by the B-CORP-certified Danish company's environmental and holistic approach.

Villa’s public commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, in an effort to be among the most responsible eco-hotels on earth, matched SKANDINAVISK's ambitions to leave a lighter footprint and their status as a Certified B Corporation, so it was an easy decision to work together. More specifically, the Next Generation product collection and its focus on more local, natural, and organic formulae were exactly what they were looking for. They were also very concerned about packaging footprint, so SKANDINAVISK's regular bioplastic bottles and tubes – in their original sizes – were an ideal choice when compared to the waste generated by conventional miniatures.

SKANDINAVISK has some very earth-friendly bullet points:

  • Natural & organic formulae for the skin

  • Hand & body care made in Denmark

  • Swedish rapeseed wax candles

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

  • FSC-certified packaging

  • Plastic from plants

  • Gentle fragrances

With tamper-proof wall mounts and staff-friendly refill bottles, the hotels can make their choice of fragrance and product assortment assured that all things are considered.

As time has gone on, SKANDINAVISK's hotel and hospitality list has grown. Guests at hotels in Sweden, the Canary Islands, and London will find the scent of Skandinavisk in their bathrooms. Michelin-starred globetrotters who make a stop in Copenhagen will find Skandinavisk products in the bathroom of one of the world’s most inventive restaurants. Architects, designers, and visitors to world-leading architect practice Bjarke Ingels Group will also find their scents in their head office.

Give a shout to Design Merchants if you want to know more about the possibility of having SKANDINAVISK in your hotel.

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