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Curtis Jeré on our trophy wall

Since 70 years the art collective behind the acronym Curtis Jeré has been a well known figure among art collectors and interior designers. We will now introduce it to hospitality, because we simply love the concept of decorating guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants and other locales with strikingly beautiful wall art, made to last virtually forever at an affordable price.


Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler shared a passion for creative development and design, this became apparent soon after they met in the 1940s. Freiler, a German immigrant and manufacturing ace, and Fels, a New York-based artist, quickly became friends and, soon after, began taking their first steps to secure a successful business future together. Very successful in their venture, their firm quickly became known for its collection of eclectic, decorative wall décor. More than 70 years later, the company is largely popular amongst vintage art dealers and collectors, and has now entered a venture with Copenhagen Design Merchants to get an even better footprint in the hospitality sector.

BUBBLES by C. Jeré

The stunningly beautiful sculptures are handcrafted of rich metals including copper, bronze, brass, steel and aluminum. Wall sculptures elevate the look of any room or outdoor setting thanks to a comprehensive array of designs showcasing multicoloured, cool and warm tones; nature-themed pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire. Tabletop and freestanding floor pieces also make dynamic statements in lobbies, suites or out-of-doors.


The wall pieces comes in sizes up to 2 meters/80 inches, so there is definitely opportunities to decorate even large wall spaces with significant art pieces without breaking the bank.

The rather extensive range of wall-, floor- and tabletop art pieces can be seen in Copenhagen Design Merchants online Sourcing Center.

Let us know if you like what you see, and how we can help you add Curtis Jeré art to your decoration projects.

For over half a century, C. Jeré has been known for their stunning sculptural freestanding and wall art creations. They have been featured in countless film and television programs, and their vintage pieces fetch impressive sums at auction. The years of experience in both the business of art, and the art of business, combined with the Copenhagen Design Merchants approach to hospitality make us ideal partners.

Whether you need one large outdoor piece to create drama, wall art for 375 rooms, or pallets of current designs shipped directly from one of their production facilities, we have the talent and experience to make it happen. The design team can modify existing designs from their archives, or work to help you realize your creative vision. Hotels around the world and clients as diverse as Nordstrom, Disney, and Kate Spade have trusted Curtis Jeré to bring their ideas to life.

All orders, from 1-1,000 pieces, receive the same care and craftsmanship. That is the promise that is made when each work of art is signed and dated by C. Jeré.


DAZZLE by C. Jeré




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